Schule im Aufbruch

Consulting Services - Germany - 6 employees - Non-profit

Schule im Aufbruch is an initiative that aims to help children develop their potential, maintain and promote the innate enthusiasm and creativity of children and young people.

In order to enable the development of potential at school, a new learning culture, diverse learning formats and an appreciative attitude are required. What really counts: Trust, appreciation, relationship, responsibility, meaning. School in Transition stands for a holistic and transformative education as formulated in the UNESCO World Action Plan on Education for Sustainable Development. It is about taking responsibility for oneself, for one's fellow human beings and for our planet.

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"Schule im Aufbruch" (in English, “Schools on the Move”) is a non-profit organization with 6 employees based in Berlin, Germany and founded in 2012. The idea of the three founders was that their purpose was to give people in and around schools clear instruction on how to change and in what to change in such a way that students could realize their full potential. As a regular part of their discussions, the employees have a chair that´s called "Schule im Aufbruch", and they ask it "what do you need?" or sit on it, when they are unsure. Over time, the purpose of Schule Im Aufbruch has evolved, and now includes helping motivated schools realize their potential as a whole and in their own unique ways as well as realizing the full potential of the Schule im Aufbruch employees.[1]

Notes et references

  1. Monia Ben Larbi, partner/employee at Schule im Aufbruch. ↩︎