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Wikithon FAQ

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When is the Wikithon?

The wikithon happens in two phases: a writers' phase, and an editors' phase. Each lasts a week. We'll hold a kickoff event online to mobilize as a community. Then we'll do a "launch" closer to the wikithon to help everyone get acquainted with the wiki web-based editing software, talk guidelines and governance. Throughout the wikithon's two week's we'll meet together online and use Facebook and wiki Talk pages to communicate (more on that later). Here's the schedule at a glance:

An online "getting to know each other" event to introduce the wiki and come together as a community

An online gathering and guided tour of the software, guidelines, and format for the wikithon

Writers' Week
Volunteer writers choose their topic and transpose it from book to wiki.
When: May 25th - 31st
Where: Online via web and hangouts

Editors' Week
Volunteer editors read each page, fine-tuning in collaboration with the writers.
When: June 1st - June 7th
Where: Online via web and hangouts

How do I Help?

The wikithon needs around fifty writers and more than a handful of editors, with a bunch of other supplementary roles to fill before we launch on May 23rd. If one of these roles is calling to you, click on the links embedded in this paragraph and see what each role is about. There's information on each page regarding the task, the commitment timeline, and how to sign up. Once that's done, we've created a Facebook group (specifically for the wiki) for all of us participating. 


How will we Communicate throughout the Wikithon?

General Communications

We'll use the Facebook group for general communications among members. This could include conversation about the wiki platform itself, the roles of writers and editors, specific questions or discussions about the guidelines, or for posting wikithon selfies. #whereIwrite #goingteal 

Topic-Related Conversations

See this short video for a tutorial on Talk Pages.

Discussions specific to topics, including both what goes into an article, as well as general topical discussion, is held in that topic's "Talk" page. What is a Talk page? It's a little like a discussion forum, except that like all wiki pages, the entire page is editable by anyone. It can be a little strange at first if you aren't used to it.

  • On a Talk page, you can start a new topic or simply add to a conversation in the same way you would edit a wiki page. Just start a new section, or start writing somewhere on the page. Unlike typical forum software, there really is only the level of structure that users create in the Talk page itself. 
  • Unlike typical forum software, wiki media doesn't automatically populate comments with names. For instance, if this were the FAQ Talk page, you would have no idea who was writing this if I didn't leave a signature. But since I pressed the "signature" button above in the toolbar (it kinda looks like a driver's license) you know that it was --Chris Clark (talk) 22:17, 15 April 2015 (PDT) who wrote this!
  • If you want to "follow" a discussion / Talk page to make sure you see when someone comments or adds, click the Actions button in the top right corner, and select "Follow."