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Feeling happy writing another article in the wiki, this time about Self-management smile-humørikon Will need some help though, before I can release it for editing - reg. the structure (I'm not all done, but I think you can get a feel for my approach from what it looks like now):

1. I have tried to use the same structure as for the other articles, and it actually Works much of the way, with some exceptions explained below. I think that the three articles about Self-management, Wholeness and Evolutionary Purpose should have the same structure though, so please bare that in mind, when you give your feedback smile-humørikon And if you think, that this shouldn't be the case, please say that also.

2. Should we skip the section where we refer to Self-management, Wholeness and Evolutionary Purpose? I couldn't think of anything meaningful to say... it's like explaining a Word, using the same Word.

3. Should we skip the section "Related topics"? As all of the topics are related some way of another. Or leave it and write for example: "Most of the wiki is related to self-management, one way or the other. "

4. Is it OK to refer to examples from other articles, if they explain the matter just as well? And if yes - is it possible to "Deep-link" to a specific section of an article, and not just to the main article?

5. Do you have some good questions for the FAQ?

6. Reg. the principles, these are in fact defined in the other wiki-articles (because that's the Whole point of the wiki, right heart-humørikon ). So I have used the approach to try and write a one-two sentence summary of each topic and then link to the appropriate article. To keep redundance to a minimum. What do you think?