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Review (Mathias Holmgren)


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Rating: 2(+) Stars


Some whitespace issues in the self-management section of the three breakthroughs. Some URL links in the “In Practice” section are missing. Some sections are not focused enough on Sales and Marketing.

Quality of Writing

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Rating: 2(-) Stars


“The topic of Sales and Marketing explores how intrinsic Teal orientations dramatically shape its approach.” - I am confused by this lead-up sentence. Is it representative of this article ?

Historical Perspective All these are either too brief or not well written. This whole section probably needs to be re-written from scratch. Red, Amber, Orange, Green - does not explain much of how or why each stage sees the world in terms of demand, product/value offer visibility, forces of trade/price mechanisms, distribution, etc. Historical perspective probably should not list example organizations. Teal section uses bullet points, which feels inappropriate in the historical perspective section.

Principles and practices

The inside-out section is good.

The product development section is a duplication of what is covered by the Innovation and Product Development article, and could just be linked. What could be covered in this article is how the product development process (as described in that article) has an impact on marketing and sales. For example, the way teal collaborates closer with both partners and customers/clients in an authentic desire to meet their needs is probably experienced by these parties as a form of authentic marketing (typically mean existing customers here). When your product fits the needs of the market better, that is likely to sell more - because the value is perceived as higher by the users/clients, and thus worthy of more value in return. Also, Teal product development tends to use a preference of cross functional teamwork between product development and sales/marketing. The areas blend together and overlap, amplifying feedback. How Teal organizations find new customers could be one area of specific exploration in this article (research?). One strong area of marketing is probably by creating the word of mouth of very satisfied existing customers/clients (as described above), and thus build brand and find new customers that way - and having the self trust that with the long term sustainable quality filter/view, this is all that is necessary to market/sale in the long run ?

The no top-down target section could be fleshed out. For example, how are self-set targets used, why are they used and when are they replaced? Also, the intention to deliver real value to real (not perceived/manufactured) needs could be argued is another reason to why Teal orgs don’t use sales/marketing targets. The fact that Teal measures success in meeting needs, not competing with competitors may also mean that if it wants to measure it may be inclined to measure in the whole customer/client population, rather than compared to competitors? This is perhaps something that could be researched/elaborated on if there is supporting evidence for it.

Link with three breakthroughs

Self-management text is really clear.

Wholeness link to Sales/Marketing can be made more clear.

I am a bit confused about why market share and growth is emphasized in the context of a link to evolutionary purpose. I don’t understand the link.

In practice examples

Sounds True example header describes what the company does, not how the example relates to Sales and Marketing as the header should.

Same thing with the other two examples. Header text should make it clear why it is an example in this article, not just what the company does.

Sounds True example text is also too vauge, IMO. Needs to be fleshed out.

Buurtzorg example: Could add that Blok has never charged competitors money for giving them advice or teaching competitors what their secret to success is. To Blok, since helping competitors improve will make things better for patients.

Patagoina example text contains some cool examples. There are specific ideas outlined in this example that could be made into good new article sections in the principles and practices section !


2 Stars overall


This article has some major issues. Too little of this article is about sales and marketing. Historical section needs to be rewritten.