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Project teams and task forces

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I can only find information about project management on pages 83-86 in RO, and about task forces on page 89-90. And it's not so much about TEAMS as about how it's different from project management as we know it.

Therefore, I have mostly invented my own stuff, sensing into what I think would be the case, based on 20 years as a project manager (professionally, mostly in orange and amber organizations, and voluntary work in green organizations). I am certified in Belbin's team roles, so I also have some more scientific based knowledge of how teams work in different organizations. Actually, Meredith Belbin mentions how teams work in pure consensus contra more driven cultures, so I've tried to weave that in a bit, between the lines.

But I need to discuss it with Fred in order to evaluate how much of Bettina is in there, so that we can weed that out! Of course, I trust the editors to do that as well emoticon