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From Home

During the wikithon, if as a writer or editor, you feel like have a quick and efficient exchange with me (Frederic Laloux), I'll try to be as available as much as possible on skype (skype id: fredlaloux).

I'm really quite deep into this all, of course, from my research, and I think that in many cases, in 5-10 minutes, I can give you some thoughts that could be helpful. For instance,

  • on the historical perspective (how a certain practice is done in Red, Amber, Orange and Green) you often won't find anything in the book. I'd be happy to think it through with you. 
  • If you wonder how to structure the part on "Principles and practices", or if you find that the book doesn't have much on that specific topic. 
  • If you are curious about some of the questions I've often heard (for the FAQ)

In practice, no scheduling: just see if I'm online, and if I am, call me! I'm based in Belgium so I'm best reachable in the morning time/early afternoon your time are in the US, or in the afternoon/night if you are in Asia.