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Current list of roles in which to contribute

This is a list of roles that are needed to support the wiki's ongoing development. One person can of course contribute in more than one role. 

  • External scanners signal when there is content they read in blog posts or elsewhere that feels relevant to the wiki, so others can add it to the wiki. (Everyone can be a scanner)
  • Content editors add new content. For instance, they add new case examples, tackle blue boxes, or write on beta articles. They are familiar with the editing guidelines.
  • Language editors help get edits and articles to be easy to read, consistent and professional in tone, correct in terms of grammar and spelling.
  • New edit checkers review edit notifications quickly, revert back in case of vandalism or inappropriate changes, and open a conversation with the wiki community when changes are debatable.
  • The Upholder of the charter are people who feel responsible that the small and large decisions that are made over time are serving the wiki's purpose and are in line with the charter (or that the charter needs updating), for instance that the wiki's focus stays on Teal principles and practices, and doesn't get blurred towards Green or Orange
  • The Kindred spirits are past writers and editors, as well as active users of the week, who 1) feel a strong bond with the wiki and 2) are happy to provide advice to decision makers (for instance "New edit checkers" or "upholders of the charter" who feel advice is needed from the broader community of contributors and users.
  • The Tech engineer is the go-to person that helps us fix bugs, ensure maintenance and help with site improvement and new features.

Who currently fills what role

Please add you name in the roles you feel you can commit to. That gives us both an overview of how much energy is available, and allows others to contact you when they need help or want to open a conversation. 

External scanners

For the scanner, please give us a short description of the sources you tend to come across, if relevant

  • Frederic Laloux (I don't read much online, but will scan the emails I receive from readers very systematically)
  • Raoul Pilcicki (Don't want to promise too much, but currently I am working a lot with Fred Kofman's "Conscious Business" and some more systemic approaches to Orgs / Senge & MIT folks. If I feel there is a close connection, I will post it for sure)
  • Brooks Tanner - no particular sources, but I tend to follow a variety of publications/media that might surface relevant content.
  • (add your name here)

Content editors

For the content editor, please give a one-line description of the availability, interest and capacities. 

  • Frederic Laloux (I have limited availabilities but can offer a bit of time every week. I suggest to focus not so much on adding new case examples as reviewing things if others want me to have a look)
  • Brooks Tanner - I can offer a couple of hours/week.
  • Richard Metcalf (available a few hours a month; interested in new case studies, and in how Teal relates to Agile practices and the Cynefin framework; several years spent working with and "managing" teams in dynamic international commercial organizations, from start-up to stagnation)
  • (add your name here)

Language editors

For the language editor, please give a one-line description of the availability, interest and capacities.

  • Raoul Pilcicki (Time now and then, Language editing is a good way for me to get in touch with topics I might miss otherwise, so no limits in this regard
  • Richard Metcalf (available a few hours a month; interested in clear and consistent language usage; several years spent translating and editing for international organizations)
  • (add your name here)

New edit checkers

(We need several people in this role who self-organize to cover all articles. To start, we need someone to volunteer to bring this role to life. Please step forward in the Facebook group)

Upholder of the charter

Bettina is leading an effort to think through a circle of people who feel ownership for the wiki. This might change how we think about this role, and probably create new ones, so let's hold for a moment before we add people here. In the meantime, Fred Laloux and Chris Clark have agreed to play this role. 

Kindred spirit

You can add your name here, but this being quite a passive role, the most important is simply that you feel free to give your advice and perspective on topics being discussed in the Facebook page of the wiki)

  • Bettina Hartmann: Definitely feeling a kindred spirit in this project, even though I don't always sense the flow of things, I trust we'll get there ♥
  • Raoul Pilcicki (feel connected to this, although sometimes miss discussions when they "explode" on FB)
  • (Add your name here)

Tech engineer

  • Dan