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We’d love you to contribute

To us, this wiki feels like something important. It’s perhaps the most practical and rich resource for leaders creating next-generation organizations on the internet. And it’s free and in Creative Commons!

If you want to join us and offer you skills and energy, we’d be delighted! You’d join a pretty wonderful group of volunteers (at least that’s what we think!) from all over the world. What’s in it for you?

  • We find that contributing to the wiki is a great way to learn, to stay on the cutting edge of new practices.
  • We work using the principles advocated in the wiki (click here to read about our own governance). In other words we eat our own chocolate. It’s not only yummy, it’s great hands-on learning!
  • Quite a few of us have met people here that we’ve gotten to know or work with outside of the wiki.
  • We help more Teal organizations come to life!
  • It’s just plain fun.

Want to give us feedback about the wiki?

  • Your personal feedback about its usefulness: Please fill out this survey.
  • Second-hand feedback: Please fill in the story here

Four steps to get started

1. It’s best to get familiar with some background about the wiki: it’s founding charter, history, and governance.

2. You can contribute in a number of different roles – which role sounds like what you’d like to do and that you’d be good at?

3. Join the Facebook group where we contributors meet, trade ideas and questions, and make decisions. And then introduce yourself and the role you’d want to contribute in.

4. Thanks for sharing your music and talent with us… and with the wiki readers we inspire!

Want to edit an article?

1. Before you go out there, read this piece that defines a high quality article for us. This is the bar we hope all edits and contributions will meet.

2. And here is a “how to” article that walks you through the way editing works in practice on this wiki platform.

Article Garden

This is a “beta zone” of sorts, to test out articles that might, or might not, end up being great articles. We purposefully want to have only a short number of articles, so that leaders looking for information grasp the wiki in an instant, and find their way to answers quickly. On the other hand, more articles of course mean more potentially helpful information.There is a natural tension here, that the article garden can help us deal with. Rather than deciding upfrontwhich articles deserve to be included, we create a play zone here, and we'll see what emerges. Articles thatbecome so strong that they obviously should be shared will move to the homepage. Others will stay here tobe worked on further, or can be archived after a while.

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