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Wiki Seeds

This Wiki was first created by a group of enthusiasts who, for the most part, largely and blissfully underestimated the amount of work it involved. Luckily we were also surprised by the joy, learning and camaraderie we experienced as a group.

The original vision and spark for this wiki came from Frederic Laloux's book "Reinventing Organizations". Frederic invited readers of the book in creating a wiki with the vision that it would outgrow the book and his own perspectives and knowledge. While the book is frozen in time, new insights and practical examples of advanced management practices keep emerging. How cool would it be if there was a wiki that would always be up to date with the best thinking and knowledge in the field, presented in a practical and digestible way for leaders making the leap to forward-thinking management practices?

A Budding Wikithon

In May and June 2015, around a hundred people came together in a 2 week "wikithon" to try and create a first version of the wiki. During the Writer's Week, each article had a "writer", someone who gave a first crack at the article. In the Editor's Week, everyone joyfully edited whatever article they had time for. After two weeks, much had been achieved, but the articles still needed some writing and polishing to be ready for public release. The group added three more weeks of work, before on June 30, 2015, a critical mass of articles was considered to be "ready for the light": not perfect by any means, but already so valuable that it was time for the world to know about it - or at least for those people in the world (let's call them heroes, why not?) who feel called to take their organizations onto a radical journey of transformation.

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Part of the joy of many of us creating a first version of this wiki in the weeks of May and June 2015 was to experience self-management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose ourselves, in the way we gathered to do this work. It helped us experience the power of some of the practices the wiki describes, and it occasionally held up a mirror to old ways of thinking and being, challenging us to grow into new habits.