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This page is a log for structural feedback received from wiki users. Please add new feedback you hear at the top (counter chronological order).

PLEASE NOTE: If users have more concrete feedback to existing articles, it's better to write it directly into this overview page: [Quality_Review http://www.reinventingorganizationswiki.com/Quality_Review]


December 2015

David Clearwater, Web project/Business Manager via direct request to TealNZ Slack group (Susan Basterfield):

1. I’m not seeing an logo or identity on the page (Macbook, Chrome). Presume bug? Some sort of logo or minimally giant title naming the site will help people understand where they have landed.

 2. The top two lines in the main page should include some of the key terms that also confirm for visitors that they are in the right place (“reinventing organisations”, “holacracy”, maybe mention Frederic). This is also helpful for search engine optimisation.

​ 3. Expecting that you will get a range of curious folk besides campaigners, you might want a page along lines of “One minute introduction to Reinventing Organisations”. You could embed a video or Slideshare, guessing someone would have already done this somewhere.

​ 4. In terms of user experience, even a single image on the main page would establish some feel for the topic. People generally seem to be excited, hopeful and positive about RO, so this would be good to reflect in an image, ideally photo that expresses those things.

​ 5. In terms of content and article quality, writing seems good and clear. In terms of organisation, the sections and titles seem to be quite functionally organised. A useful exercise in designing your site content is often to think about the 5-10 burning questions people are bringing - then ask whether the site organisation (aka information architecture) is making those easy to answer. E.g., If I bring the goal or question of “What is Reinventing Organisations?” how easy would I find that to answer it? Or “Who does this?”

Bhargavi Kotte, Scrum Master & Holacracy Practitioner via direct request to TealNZ Slack group (Susan Basterfield):

Using the INVEST model http://www.agileforall.com/2009/05/new-to-agile-invest-in-good-user-stories/ Bhargavi created the following 'user stories':

User Stories for ‘Reinventing Organizations’ Wiki with ‘INVEST’ model

  • As a web browser, I would like to see a heading and introduction of ‘Reinventing Organization’ to create unique identity for the webpage
  • As a reader, I want to see each section as a drop down menu to improve the ease of navigation.
  • As an online reader, I want to see few other subsections (example links to book) rather than just articles to improve the interaction.
  • As a web browser, I would like to see couple of images or graphics to improve readability and hold my interest

(Feedback received via Susan Basterfield)

December 2015

Dr. JohDn Cook www.5deep.co.nz via direct request to TealNZ Slack group (Susan Basterfield):

I have spent some time on the wiki and look at it from different perspectives.The layout is information overload and from a CEO point of view I do not have time to dip in and out - it is basically just the book. Book is easier to read on a plane or browse.The are no snippets that say if I do this then I get this result. There is no obvious flow. I would write an executive summary for CEO’s and then hyperlink to sections. She/he needs to able to say to an assistant this looks interesting, please review and see if suitable for us to implement – what would it mean to do it.Academically I would write an academic overview and link to a much wider range of references nearly everything is just Laloux. Where is the back ground to the model? What is the science behind the model, in my opinion it looks like sudo-science to other academics and some from Auckland Uni have express it as such a few years back?For someone who is not aware what this is about I would take the same approach a simple visual model and then link to chapters and key points only.The book is called Reinventing the Organisation – why - what is the need? These simple things need clarification. My prototype in U Theory is called Not Reinventing the Organisation.You need to search by tags.

(Feedback received via Susan Basterfield)

September 2015

Something cool to share before our call tonight. I just received an email from Edwin at Fitzii who were inspired to go completely self-managed 7 months ago based on the book. (http://bit.ly/1QUKui9).

Here is what he wrote about the wiki:

"I actually came across the wiki a few days ago, and immediately shared with our whole team in Yammer calling it the “Teal Bible on Steroids” (internally we call R.O. “the bible”, so I guess that makes you Jesus).

To answer your questions:

1. Having the wiki 7 months ago would have been a godsend (that’ll be the last religious analogy from me).

In working through how we’ll manage key processes like annual reviews, hiring, and conflict management, we had previously scanned or re-typed applicable sections from the book, and then would all re-read, reference, and discuss as we planned our practices. Now with the wiki it’s all there, easily searchable, and even better – it is growing with more and more rich, nuanced examples. As you said, some particularly useful examples are those from similar organizations in terms of size, industry, locations, beliefs, etc. Just today we got value out of the wiki when in a meeting about our transforming compensation philosophy we referenced the example in the wiki (which was not in the book) where Semco had a “voluntary risk program” to cover the downside of the company having a bad year. Our parent company has a similar program and we’re considering how to incorporate this into ours."

Edwin then comes up with an idea, that I find very intriguing! And that would probably require a lot of custom programming to pull off, as the mediawiki platform is not foresee for this at all (it is built for just one content, one set of users etc). See what you think, perhaps this triggers more ideas/solutions...

How could it be more useful?

I saw that you are allowing forking and embedding. I think there could be a slightly different use that would be beneficial for any organization beginning to codify their teal practices – which is creating a living record of these unique practices, guidelines, principles, etc for each particular organization (like a Teal Employee Handbook). We had started to create some documents of our practices and then uploading them to our Yammer, or to our Dropbox “Going Teal” folder, but neither of these are as usable as a wiki.

So what I imagine is that you create a version (or outline) of a wiki that each company could easily brand and edit as their own. Then they decide how to customize the content in each of the areas to reflect their own unique brand of Teal. The ones hosted by you would be public, and all referenceable from the main wiki, so in addition to having one master wiki with moderated examples, anyone could simply jump into a company’s unique wiki and completely immerse in their brand of Teal. I do think the main wiki will fill up with great examples, but that will come from people who labor to help the movement (which is not all teal orgs). The Teal wiki for each company solves their own need to document their practices, and at the same time, without any extra effort, they are also providing examples for others. Already I have fears that our blog won’t be able to keep up with all the things we want to write about, but recording our decisions on these new practices is something we’re already doing.

Another thing that occurred to me is that I’ve often had the challenge of introducing someone to R.O with one piece of content. I had been sending one of your short summary articles previously, but maybe an abridged version of the wiki (or maybe an ordering of selected articles – read this, then this, then this) would be better. Like a Teal 101 primer. Tomorrow for instance we have a group interview of a potential new hire for team fit, and it would be great if we had given him this primer on teal beforehand.

Anyway, enough brainstorming!

Thank you for your invitation to contribute to the wiki. It’s a terrific resource and I would be honored to help. I will start to write on it, pass the invite onto our team, and also mention it on a call I have Wednesday with Ryan Honeyman’s B Corps + Teal monthly call.

Thank you also for the warm message and support – and of course also for continuing to work on how to scale this movement beyond what a book could ever do.
(Posted by Frederic Laloux, from Facebook group)