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For leaders transforming their organizations. And for students, academics, coaches, bloggers...

This wiki is meant as a gift for leaders who feel called to create radically more soulful and purposeful organizations (more in the wiki’s founding charter). And it wants to be a resource that makes next-generation practices more visible and understandable for bloggers, media students,  academics, and the broader public.

A sharp focus on next-stage organizational practices

The wiki is founded on the idea that there are distinct evolutionary steps in the way people conceive of and run organizations. This wiki does not rehash traditional management thinking as taught in business schools. It focuses specifically on organizational structures and practices congruent with a new form of consciousness that is currently emerging in the world (sometimes called Yellow, Teal, Integral, Holistic, Authentic, or Networked).

A volunteer driven, self-governing wiki

This body of knowledge is the work of love of a group of enthusiastic volunteers, inspired at first by ideas from the research behind the book “Reinventing Organizations” (FredericLaloux). The community of wiki contributors operates itself—how could it be otherwise?—using next-generation practices that the wiki discusses (here is more about the wiki’s governance)

Creative commons. Feel free to fork or to translate

All the content of this wiki falls under the Creative Commons license "Attribution”. This means that you can also fork the wiki, if you like the content but want to take it into a particular, different direction (say a wiki specifically for hospitals. Or to deepen the link with Agile…). More information here.

A wiki you can embed into your own web presence

As you might have noticed, this wiki doesn’t really have a “brand”. This is on purpose. Say you are an institute, or a group of coaches, and you want to share this material. You can integrate the wiki into your own web presence. Not with a link, but with the actual content displayed in your website. More information here.