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This wiki is based on the book Reinventing Organizations, by Frederic Laloux.

Its purpose is to explain the features and characteristics of organizations, emerging all over the world, that operate in a very different and perhaps more evolved way. They have been labelled (for now) Teal Organizations.

The wiki is best used as a reference, a sort of handbook, for leaders looking to upgrade specific management practices in their organization.

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It is a labor of love, the work of a joyful community, dedicated to soulful organizations everywhere coming to life.

We would love to have your feedback about the wiki and invite you to join our Facebook group - where your comments can be shared easily.

We also invite you to contribute by updating the relevant pages with your own learning and experience.

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The aim is to provide practical advice, guidance, and deep knowledge to all who would like to embrace this new way of working and being.

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Teal Concepts

History of Organzational Development

Structure of an organization

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